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Cathy is a communications specialist, with the last 12 years of her 32-year police career, seeing her trained and deployed as a hostage and crisis negotiator. Not only was Cathy deployed frequently as a negotiator but hs also managed a national team and had responsibility for training and developing negotiation techniques. To say her communication skills are enhanced is an understatement and since completing her police service, Cathy has brought a powerful package of communication skills to our world.

Cathy runs her own business, The Art of Communication, sharing powerful and effective communication skills to fitness and health professionals. She has delivered workshops, communication master classes and courses to numerous organisations including Lift The Bar, Good Health and Fitness, Dundee University, The Royal College of Surgeons and Edinburgh Dental Education Centre to name but a few! Cathy shares her skills in a lighthearted and engaging way and truly helps bring life and simplicity to communication.

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