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Dr Greg Potter

Greg helps individuals and organisations sustainably improve their health and performance. He does this through developing and popularising innovative businesses and products, coaching, public speaking, consulting, and empowering people through educational resources such as e-books, articles, and courses. He also hosts the Reason & Wellbeing podcast and YouTube channel.
Greg has cofounded multiple startups. These include a nutrition and supplement company, where he formulated the first product specifically designed to help counter the repercussions of sleep loss on many bodily systems. Prior to this, he was the Chief Science Officer at a digital therapeutic company that aimed to automate personalised health coaching at scale.
Greg has a BSc in exercise science and an MSc in exercise physiology. Greg’s PhD research focused on sleep, circadian rhythms, nutrition, and metabolism. Highlights of Greg’s career include having this research featured in dozens of international news outlets, including the BBC, Reuters, and The Washington Post; working with the US Naval Special Warfare Command; appearing on a Channel 4 TV programme as a sleep expert; having his writing featured in many newspapers and magazines, including The Metro, Stylist Magazine, and Newsweek; coaching a sprinter to four gold medals at the European Championships; and helping athletes break multiple World Records in ocean rowing.
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