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Dr Nadia Craddock

Nadia Craddock is a body image researcher at the Centre for Appearance Research – an internationally recognised centre of excellence for psychological and interdisciplinary, patient-centred research in appearance, disfigurement, body image and related studies based at the University of the West of England in Bristol.

Nadia’s current work centres on developing and evaluating body image intervention tools for adolescents. As a Research Fellow on the Dove Self-Esteem Project Partnership team, Nadia is currently leading the development and evaluation of a school-based body image curriculum for adolescents in Indonesia in partnership with UNICEF. Her additional research interests include eating disorder prevention, colourism, and corporate social responsibility in relation to appearance-based stereotypes and bias.

Nadia recently completed her PhD at the Centre for Appearance Research, UWE Bristol and obtained a Master’s in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard and a BSc in Psychology (First Class Honours) from the University of Bath. She regularly speaks on panels and events, and co-hosts and produces two podcasts: Appearance Matters the Podcast and The Body Protest.

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