MNU Fat Loss Conference Recordings


If you weren’t able to attend The MNU Fat Loss Conference, you can still watch all of the lectures via our professional recordings. Simply purchase a lecture separately or buy the Full Lecture Package at a discounted rate!

What’s included in the MNU Fat Loss Conference Recordings :
Conditions and Medications That Can Interfere with Weight Loss (Dr Spencer Nadolsky)
The Endocrinology of Fat Loss: A Physician’s insights into obesity (Dr Spencer Nadolsky)
Motivational Interviewing: Conversations about Change (Dr Jeff Breckon)
Mindfulness-based Eating Awareness for Emotional Eating Behaviours (Laura Tilt RD)
Evidence-based Nutritional Programming for Single-digit Body Fat (Martin MacDonald)

All Lectures come with downloadable slides and are available in a state of the art dual screen display which allows you to watch the presenter and the slide simultaneously!

* Please remember the email address and password you set at checkout, as you will need these access the conference recordings

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