Nutritics ‘PLUS’ Account


Nutritics provides a range of packages to support those in the health, sports, food industry and education fields. The advanced nutritional management software provides access to extensive databases to streamline the process of nutritional analysis and dietary planning, which is also very customisable.

Nutritics software facilitates the management of up to 180 clients and has the capacity for meal planning, recipe analysis, food diary analysis and allows you to create custom nutrition strategies.

*Terms and Conditions, to take advantage of this offer, you must hold an active membership to the Mentoring Lab for a minimum of 4 months paid access

  • Add unlimited foods and create meal plans with a database of over 125,000 foods & supplements
  • Add your own logo or banner to all reports & templates
  • Export your data from Nutritics to excel
  • Analyse recipes before adding them to meal plans and create your own versions of client’s favourite recipes
  • Choose from 7 sets of national & international evidence-based dietary guidelines (DRV’s), or create your own!

**Please note, if you enter or attempt to update your card details anywhere on the Nutritics website, this will result in your card being charged the normal Nutritics account fee or the fees related to any additional features, change of plan or account upgrades**